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If you reuse this data, you should cite: Scott, R.J., Baker, P., Bell, D., Bennett, S., Birchall, C., Boffey, C.W.H., Bohan, D.A., Brooks, D.R., Browne, E.L., Champion, G.T., Clark, S.J., Daniels, R.E., Dewar, A.J.G., Dewar, A.M., Fairfax, C.M., Firbank, L.G., Garner, B.H., Haughton, A.J., Hawes, C., Haylock, L.A., Heard, M.S., Hill, M.O., Horne, S.L., Hulmes, S.E., Mason, N.S., May, M.J., Norton, L.R., Nuttall, P., Osborne, J.L., Parish, A.M., Perry, J.N., Randle, Z., Rossall, M.J., Rothery, P., Roy, D.B., Sands, R.J.N., Singer, E.J., Skellern, M.P., Squire, G.R., Thomas, M.R., Walker, J.H., Walker, M.J., Woiwod, I.P., Wood, C.M., Young, M.W. (2012). Farm scale evaluations of herbicide tolerant genetically modified crops - beet. NERC Environmental Information Data Centre
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Latitude: 60.861° to 49.864°
Longitude: -8.648° to 1.768°
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2012-02-29 (publication)
2003-11-29 (creation)
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UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (pointOfContact); Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (author); Rothamsted Research (author); Scottish Crop Research Institute (author); Central Science Laboratory (author); NERC Environmental Information Data Centre (publisher); NERC EDS Environmental Information Data Centre (custodian)
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