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Spend over £25,000 in the Sustainable Development CommissionOctober 2010 Return

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Supplier Name Vendor Number Vendor Site Vendor Classification Invoice Number Invoice Description Invoice Amount Source Invoice Type Payment Method Invoice Date Invoice Received Date Goods Received Date Hold Release Date Terms Date Calculation Basis Supplier Credit Terms (Calendar Days) Due Date (Based on Supplier Terms) Invoice Paid Date Payment Reference Number Paid Late? (Based on Supplier Terms) No. of Days Paid Late (Based on Supplier Terms) Due Date (Based on 5 working day payment directive) No. of working days to make payment Paid Late? (Based on 5 working day payment directive) No. of Days Paid Late (Based on 5 working day payment directive) Company Cost Centre Objective Account Sub Account Project Invoice contains Multiple Cost Centre Distribution? Matched? PO Number PO Creation Date Requisition Number Requisition Creation Date Requisitioner Name Requisitioner Employee No. Requisitioner email Requisitioner Location Requisitioner Cost Centre Requestor Name Requestor Employee No. Requestor email Requestor Location Requestor Cost Centre 1 Requestor Cost Centre 2 Requestor Cost Centre 3 Requestor Cost Centre 4 Requestor Cost Centre 5 Requestor Cost Centre 6 Requestor Cost Centre 7
DEFRA 447520 YORK Defra Executive Agency 193238 PO 900900 SERVICE DELIVERY 32,383.00 Manual Invoice Entry STANDARD EFT 20-Oct-10 22-Oct-10 22-Oct-10 Not set Receipt of Goods Immediate 24-Oct-10 26-Oct-10 10013 Y 1 29-Oct-10 3 N 0 9 48001 48001 2097 0 CCHARGES N Y 900900 14-Oct-10 901147 11-Oct-10 Steven Penny 168198 SDC 55 Whitehall 48001 SDC Admin Unit Steven Penny 168198 HMI-GATESHEAD 51009 CD Corporate Services Not set Not set Not set Not set Not set Not set