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The National Archives - Spend over £10,000National Archives Spend over £10k - March 2023

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Department family Entity Date of payment Account description Directorate Supplier name Transaction reference Invoice number Amount paid Description Supplier Postcode Supplier Type Contract Number Project Expenditure Type
The National Archives The National Archives 22/03/2023 Repository: stationery Public Access & Govt Services RESTORE PLC 134568 40812 284,700.00 Cotton tape to bind 35,000 archival boxes RH15DY Postage, stationery & store supplies Not set MOD Transfer Programme
The National Archives The National Archives 06/03/2023 IT Maintenance & Support - Software Digital BECHTLE DIRECT LTD 134229 40450 74,628.79 Licences and Support. This order has been issued subject to the terms of CCS Framework Agreement RM6068 Technology Products and Associated Services, Lot 1: Hardware & Software & Associated Services as set out in the Supplier's follow-up response dated 15 November 2021 to the Buyer's Invitation to Tender (mini-competition) for Replacement Cisco Switches and Firewalls. The call-off contract reference CM1301 must be signed prior to delivery. This order is part of the DAI-001 Programme. SN14 0GF IT maintenance CM1301 Digital Preservation Programme
The National Archives The National Archives 10/03/2023 IT Maintenance & Support - Software Corporate Services TRITORR LTD 134344 40564 19,234.80 IT Maintenance and Support - Software - Web Service for Card BackOffice Software for 12 months 01.04.2023 - 31.03.2024 at a rate of £16,029.00 exclusive of VAT. CM1444. STA has been signed to cover this contract. GU30 7DX IT maintenance CM1444 IT Operations Administration
The National Archives The National Archives 17/03/2023 Govt Procurement Card (GPC) purchases Corporate Services ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND PLC 134435 40714 55,890.28 Govt Procurement Card (GPC) purchases for Feb 2023 (This PO is to cover the costs of the credit cards the amount is then Journaled out to the cost centres at the end of the month). Covered by Contract CM1204. SS99 6YY Other expenditure CM1204 Finance Administration