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Spend transactions by DFIDDetails of DFID spending over £500, December 2017

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Department Entity Transaction Date Expense Type Expense Area Supplier Name Transaction number Amount Invoice Description
DFID DFID 07/12/2017 Repairs Maint Alter - Property & Constrct. Services Group Operations Interserve Facilities Management Limited 203717-101 £58,306.21 Monthly maintenance service costs for Whitehall HQ and the uplift in the payment of the National Living Wage for DFID’s outsourced facility management staff in Whitehall and East Kilbride for December 2017
DFID DFID 12/12/2017 Training - Course Fees East and Central Africa EASTERN AND SOUTHERN AFRICAN MGMT INSTITUTE 101634-101 £2,617.80 Not set
DFID DFID 21/12/2017 Office Equipment - Purchases Group Operations ORANGEBOX LTD 203716-101 £8,550.96 Not set
DFID DFID 14/12/2017 Staff Travel - Air Fares Asia Caribbean and Overseas Territories ARIRANG AVIATION LTD 101603-101 £8,544.03 Not set