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Spend transactions by DFIDDetails of DFID spending over £500, October 2019

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Department Entity Transaction Date Expense Type Expense Area Supplier Name Transaction number Amount Invoice Description
DFID DFID 02/10/2019 Conferences, Seminars & Meeting/Event Resource Group Operations Nethorpe 100007-103 £765.38 Not set
DFID DFID 08/10/2019 Project delivery costs – supplier services Asia, Caribbean and Overseas Territories BRITISH COUNCIL. 300736-101 £32,500.00 Not set
DFID DFID 11/10/2019 Training - Course Fees West and Southern Africa KELLOGG BROWN & ROOT LIMITED 101638-101 £683.52 Not set
DFID DFID 24/10/2019 Training Providers/Facilitation Services Policy Division KELLOGG BROWN & ROOT LIMITED 202402-107 £683.52 Not set