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Freedom of Information case logsFreedom of Information case logs for 2017

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CaseNumber DateOfRequestReceived Division-Branch ApplicantCategory Outcomes ExemptionsApplied DateOfResponseSent DaysTakenToComplete RequestWording
2061 2016-06-27 HR Member of the Public All provided n/a 2017-07-20 17 What number of staff in your organisation are paid through umbrella companies? What number of staff in your organisation are hired through recruitment companies? What number of staff in your organisation are on temporary contracts? Which recruitment agencies does your organisation use? What number of staff in your organisation are paid through the following companies: Parasol Ltd?, Danbro Ltd? Giant?Which other companies are staff employed in your organisation paid through, and what is the number of staff per company?
1989 2017-01-05 Operations Member of the Public Part withheld s31, s38, s40 2017-03-02 40 I am writing to make a Freedom of Information Request. I wish to request details of all monthly records of non-compliance (and the enforcement action taken) by Official Veterinarians, as reported on the FSA's Animal Welfare Database, for between April 2014 - March 2016.I am aware that this information has already been released in a previous FOI request. However, the names and locations of the slaughterhouses concerned were withheld.For the purpose of our analysis, I would like to request that the slaughterhouse names be anonymised using what the ICO calls deterministic modification. In other words each slaughterhouse could be given a code eg A1 and by using a simple control and replace function all instances of that slaughterhouse appearing on the database could be anonymised.This would take no more than ten seconds per slaughterhouse and as there are around 250 of them it should take no longer than 40 minutes per year or 2 hours for the entire 3 years that we've requested. This is well within the statutory 20 hour period.I would also like to request that you disclose the county in which the slaughterhouse is located. As there are multiple slaughterhouses in each county there is no risk of the individual slaughterhouse being identified.
1990 2017-01-06 Finance Member of the Public All provided n/a 2017-01-30 16 Who provides the organisations BACS payments and Direct Debit collection software? Please provide a list of your suppliers of the above software. How you came to the decision to choose these companies? Are these solution(s) hosted on premise or cloud hosted? Please provide expenditure on computer software used for Bacs payment processing and Direct Debit collection. For financial years 2014/2015 and 2015/2016. When does your current contract(s) with BACs payment and direct debit collection software expire? Will this service(s) be tendered and if so where? What is the total value of your current BACS payment and Direct Debit collection software contract(s) and over what period? With whom does the organisation hold its primary bank account? Does the organisation, acting as a Bureau, provide Bacs processing on behalf on any other organisation? What payments types does the organisation use? (e.g Bacs (Direct Credit), Direct Debit, Faster Payments, etc.). Who is the person responsible for BACS processing and Direct Debit collection software?o Nameo Positiono Telephone Numbero Email
1991 2017-01-06 Resilience Team What do they know Part withheld s40, s31 2017-02-03 20 Disaster recovery/business continuity plan for each section/department.