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Freedom of Information case logsFreedom of Information case logs for 2018

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CaseNumber DateOfRequestReceived Division-Branch ApplicantCategory Outcomes ExemptionsApplied DateOfResponseSent DaysTakenToComplete RequestWording
2163 2018-01-02 HR Other Not held N/A 2018-01-26 18 We would like to hear back from each department independently, and any department refusing to supply the following information needs to supply the reason why the information cannot be given.We are writing with civil jurisdiction using the Freedom of Information Act 2000 to make a Freedom of Information request.We want to collect and collate data from each department of government regarding both the number of persons, and their wage or pension earnings (1977 to date), who have been;A: Accused with evidence of any sexual misconduct with a minor, B: Investigated by any government or police department for any sexual misconduct with a minor,C: Convicted of any sexual misconduct against a minor,including online grooming or misconduct with a minor, making, searching for, or distributing inappropriate images of minors.
2164 2018-01-02 Openness, Data and Digital Media All provided N/A 2018-01-30 20 Please provide a list of all facilities for Food Standards Agency staff members to make written feedback or suggestions to senior management. As general examples, this answer could include (but would not be limited to) physical feedback systems like suggestion boxes, and electronic resources such as internal intranet forums (including 'rumour mills'), and dedicated feedback email addresses.?
2165 2018-01-02 Operations Member of Public Part withheld s12; s22 2018-01-29 19 i, For the year of 2017 (and 2016 if time permits), data/figures for the numbers of poultry, cattle, sheep , goats & pig carcasses / meat declared unfit for human consumption in FSA approved meat establishments in England, Wales, Northern Ireland ii. For each instance where carcasses / meat were declared unfit for human consumption , the reason, i.e. the condition that prompted the decision to reject the carcass or meat from the human food chain
2166 2018-01-08 Operations Member of Public Not held N/A 2018-01-12 4 For each of= the years, 2017 and 2016, in England, Wales - and, if available - NI 1, The number of meat products / carcasses tested by the FSA (or others such as FBO's - and where the results have subsequently been shared with FSA) found to be positive for salmonella 2, For each positive result, details of the species (eg cattle, pig, poultry , lamb etc) or product (eg minced beef) Related:3, For the same period, the number of carcasses / meat products found via further testing to be positive with Salmonella Typhimurium or Salmonella Enteritidis, with details of the product(s) comcerned