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Benefit and Pension rates from April 2013Benefit and pension rates applicable from April 2013

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Not set Not set Not set Important Notes: This file provides a list of standard benefits and their basic rates from April 2013. It then sets out some rules on extra amounts payable for dependents, and on how income and savings can affect entitlement to benefits. It does not list all the rules which explain whether or not an individual can get benefit, or guarantee that an individual will get the amount shown. DWP provides leaflets that provide more detailed information on benefits and these should be read in conjunction with this list. The rules that determine how much benefit an individual can get can be complicated. The list below can only help individuals work out what benefits, and the amount they may get if they decide to apply for a benefit. Most rates change from the first Monday of the new tax year. The tax year always starts on 6th April. However, some rates may change from an earlier or latyer date in April. The rates published in this list apply from April 2013.
Basic Rates Not set Not set Basic rates are one component of a benefit calculation. To calculate an estimate the amount of benefit, other factors need to be taken into account, including amounts for dependents, earning rules, housing cost rules and benefit cap. These can be found in the sections lower down this list.
Attendance Allowance (AA) Not set Not set Not set
Higher rate £79.15 Weekly Not set