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MOD exceptions to spending controls for January to December 2016MOD's exceptions (property) to spending controls July to September 2016

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Department Organisation Name HMG Ref Number Property name Basis for expenditure approval Total Value Approved (£) Date of approval Not set Not set Not set Not set
MoD Not set HMG3138 MOD/DIO/AFCO - 24-26 King Street, Luton CAT 2: Luton has been chosen as a central location to the above areas with the best transport links in the area for candidates. A city/town centre is required, not only to attract passing trade, but to provide the prominent window on opportunities available within RN and Army which is key to achieving annual recruitment targets in this geographical area. (9 x £30,000pa) + (1 x £45,000pa) = £315k Aug-16 Not set Not set Not set Not set
MoD Not set HMG3179 MOD DBS -Skypark Building, Glasgow CAT 2: To allow the withdrawal from the Document Handling Centre to be included as a requirement within the future Defence Business Services SPVC025 contract, thus ensuring all costs are subsumed in the bidders overall contract bid price as including it within the contract will remove the MOD's future lease liabilities and should produce savings, though we won't know how much is saved until bids are received in late 2018. (2 x £250,000pa) + (2 x £125,000pa) = £1,000,000 Sep-16 Not set Not set Not set Not set
MOD Not set HMG3139 MOD/DIO/AFCO - Sibthorpe House, 351 High Street, Lincoln, LN5 7BN Lease Renewal - There is currently no civil or wider public sector option. This office is responsible for recruiting Regular and Reserve Services in Lincoln and its surrounding area for the RAF, Army and Royal Navy. It is RAF's most productive UK AFCO. Renewal will be on the basis of a new 10 year lease with tenant's option to break after 3 and 6 years. It will include an upwards only rent review after 5 years to market rent. The rent payable will reduce from £54,000 per annum to £45,000 per annum, for the first tranche of the lease. Other outgoings payable include business rates £21,744 per annum and service charge £5,600 per annum. (3 x (£45,000 + £21,744 + £5,600)) + ( 7 x (£54,000 + £21,744 + £5,600)) = £786,440 Aug-16 Not set Not set Not set Not set