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Expenditure over 500Expenditure exceeding £500 May 2020

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Body Name Service Area Expenses Type Invoice Payment Date Transaction Number Net Amount Supplier Name
Manchester City Council Corporate Services Building Works 01.05.2020 1906846084 £947,689.00 Apis Assay Technologies Ltd Not set
Manchester City Council Chief Executives Advertising 01.05.2020 5101086803 £30,153.00 Reach Publishing Services Ltd Not set
Manchester City Council Childrens & Education Services Third party payments relating to Voluntary Organisations 01.05.2020 5101086828 £19,227.35 Remedi Not set
Manchester City Council Adult Social Care Registered Nursing Homes Permanent Payments 01.05.2020 5101086791 £14,649.14 Ringway Mews Nursing Home Not set