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Role Title Total Remuneration (Full Time Equivalent) Role Descriptor
Chief Executive £195,000 The Chief Executive is the Council's principal policy advisor and Head of the Paid Service, leading the organisation in ensuring the aims and objectives set by Members are made a reality. The Chief Executive leads the Strategic Management Team and takes overall responsibility for the running of the organisation. In addition, the roleholder acts to protect and enhance the Council's wider commercial interests and takes the roles of Returning Officer in respect of local, Parliamentary and European elections.
City Solicitor £117,314 City Solicitor with overall strategic responsibility for legal and democratic compliance across the organisation and management of the City Solicitor's Services portfolio. This role is the Council's statutory Monitoring Officer.
Deputy City Solicitor £90,419-£101,826 This role heads the Council's legal services function, as well as the Legal function of Salford City Council and Rochdale Council Child Care and is responsible for protecting the Councils’ interests and supporting the organisations’ operation and decision making processes. This role also provides leadership to the Coroners and Registrars Service and acts as Deputy Monitoring Officer for Manchester.
Head of Children’s & Families £83,830 This role manages the provision of full legal support to both Manchester & Salford Children’s Directorates including the delivery of safeguarding advice to both council's Children's Safeguarding Boards. The role is also responsible for the development of an in house advocacy service to the AGMA authorities.