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Role Title Total Remuneration Role Descriptor
Chief Executive £203,934 The Chief Executive is the Council’s principal policy advisor and Head of the Paid Service, leading the organisation in ensuring the aims and objectives set by Members are made a reality. The Chief Executive leads the Strategic Management Team and takes overall responsibility for the running of the organisation. This role takes a specific lead in relation to the regeneration of the City, external communications and relationships and major development projects. In addition, the roleholder acts to protect and enhance the Council’s wider commercial interests and takes the roles of Clerk to the Transport for Greater Manchester Committee, Returning Officer in respect of local, Parliamentary and European elections and Leader of the Wider Leadership Team for Greater Manchester as Head of the Paid Service for the Greater Manchester Combined Authority.
Head of Greater Manchester Integrated Support Team £82,579 This role heads the Greater Manchester Integrated Support Team which provides a hub for hosting all support functions for the Greater Manchester Combined Authority and its Committees, AGMA and its Commissions, the Greater Manchester Local Enterprise Partnership and other Greater Manchester level bodies. This role is hosted by Manchester City Council, but manages a virtual team of officers employed across the conurbation.
Head of Public Intelligence & Performance £71,352 This role heads the Council’s Public Intelligence & Performance function which provides a coordinated function managing work and leading development and innovation across the organisation in relation to performance management, business planning, governance, complaints, intelligence and data governance and management.
Strategic Lead (Information & Data) £62,762 This role takes a strategic lead role for data governance and management across the organisation, setting standards and strategies and coordinating systems and approaches with regard to both data on the organisation and corporately held data on the City. The role also acts as the organisation's lead officer in relation to the national census.