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Department for Transport senior officials business expensesOctober to December 2018

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Senior Officials Name Start date of trip Duration of Visit (Days) Destination Purpose of trip Mode of transport Class of travel Accomodation/Meals Other (including hospitality given) Cost of Travel Total cost, including all visas, accommodation, travel, meals etc. (œ) Total Cost of Use of Official Secure Car
Alan Over 2018-12-03 1 BIRMINGHAM STATIONS Meeting with HS2 Ltd Officals Rail STANDARD NIL RETURN NIL RETURN 73.30 73.30 NIL RETURN
Amanda Rowlatt 2018-10-13 3 CAMBRIDGE CSAP Fellowship Rail STANDARD 4.60 NIL RETURN 65.25 69.85 NIL RETURN
Amanda Rowlatt 2018-11-07 1 LEEDS JADP Conference/Away Day Rail STANDARD 55.19 230.26 164.05 449.50 NIL RETURN
Amanda Rowlatt 2018-11-26 1 WARRINGTON Day trip to Manchester and Warrington for meetings. Rail STANDARD 2.85 NIL RETURN 198.20 198.20 NIL RETURN