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Spend over £25,000 in the British Library2019 October return

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Department Family Entity Date Expense Type Expense Area Supplier Name Payment Transaction No Amount
DCMS British Library 31/10/2019 Office and other costs Collection Programmes Libnova, S.L. 400000146 75,850.00
DCMS British Library 09/10/2019 Accommodation and removals Estates and Facilites CTM (REDFERN TRAVEL LTD)-CORPORATE TRAVEL MANAGEMENT LIMITED 400000135 40,781.22
DCMS British Library 02/10/2019 Accommodation and removals Estates and Facilites ATLAS FM LTD T/A EMPRISE 400000129 108,080.55
DCMS British Library 02/10/2019 Office and other costs Commercial Services GRAYSONS RESTAURANTS LTD (GRAYSONS HOSPITALITY LIMITED T/A GRAYSONS) 400000129 34,627.00