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National Archives Customer Feedback and ComplaintsCustomer Feedback and Complaints - January 2016

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January 2016 - The National Archives - Complaints
Not set How received When Received Case ref Background Information Action taken and response to complaint
The complainant was concerned that staff were taking an interest in them and their research Email 8.1.16 10082 Staff onsite at The National Archives provide a range of services, including records advice & guidance, security functions, document production and copying services. We asked for more information so that we could fully investigate, but received no response. We looked into the concerns raised using the information we were originally supplied, and could not find any evidence to substantiate the concerns.
The complainant was dissatisfied with the outcome and quality of a paid search that they had requested Email 12.1.16 10116 Users can request a paid search to be carried out by The National Archives staff We investigated and carried out further searches to verify the outcome, and confirmed we could find no trace of the information requested. We reassured the complainant that the searches had been fully undertaken in accordance with our standards.
The complainant was disappointed with the response received from the enquiry service in relation to records of decisions relating to local properties. Email 14.1.16 10128 Users can contact us and ask for guidance or advice on their research We consulted with our information management and archive sector departments who provided detailed advice on where such records were likely to be held. We also identified potential sources held at The National Archives and explained the different ways these could be accessed.