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National Archives Customer Feedback and ComplaintsCustomer Feedback and Complaints - April 2014

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April 2014 - The National Archives - Customer Feedback and Complaints
Summary of Complaint How received When Received Case ref Background Information Action taken and response to complaint
Complainant did not receive a reply from us relating to a Freedom of Information request within 20 working days Email 1.4.14 4928 Users can submit a FOI request to get closed record's status reviewed We investigated and found that the request had not been received due to email address used, which was treated as spam. We informed the complainant and logged their FOI request
The complainant has not received all of their Record Copying estimates or an explanation as to why they cannot be completed Email 1.4.14 4929 Users can order copies of our records from Document Services We explained what was happening with the requests we had received and explained that some estimate requests had not been received.
Complainant would like us to reassess a recent decision regarding the use of magnifying glasses with built in lights in the Map and Large Document Room. Email 7.4.14 4967 Users can enquire if certain types of equipment are permitted in the reading room - we will assess the equipment and either allow access or refuse We checked the equipment and it was decided that it was not suitable to be taken into the Reading Rooms. We explained why this decision had been made.