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National Archives Customer Feedback and Complaintsustomer Feedback and Complaints - February 2016

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February 2016 - The National Archives - Complaints
Not set How received When Received Case ref Background Information Action taken and response to complaint
The complainant asked a follow up question with regard to the availability of a document, as there was an error in the document's description in Discovery. Email 10.2.16 10310 Users can request 'open' documents in advance using our Advance Orders service. We investigated the matter with our Cataloguing team who confirmed the document had been located. There was subsequently an error with the transcription of the document. The error was corrected by the team and we apologised to the reader for this oversight.
Complainant was dissatisfied with application of the record copying 'page check' fee to requests for non-certified copies of naturalisation certificates. Letter 16.2.2016 10337 Users can request copies of documents through our Record Copying online system We explained the rationale for the new Record Copying online system and looked into the specific issues raised. We explained that the points raised by the complainant would be considered & that we were working towards accurate costings for this. We would be continuing to assess customer feedback and consider refinements to customer delivery options over time, as appropriate.
Customer was 'angry' about the decision to introduce a 'page check' fee as part our new Record Copying online system. Email 6.2.2016 10274 Users can request copies of documents through our Record Copying online system We outlined the reasons for the introduction of the new page check fee and the reduction in price for digital copies. Our Record Copying service is required to operate on a full cost recovery basis and the new fees reflect those costs which were explanined to the complainant. There are also a range of new features of the system which means customers can track their orders in real-time and target dates which compare with many other onilne retailers.