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National Archives Customer Feedback and Complaintsustomer Feedback and Complaints - May 2016

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May 2016 - The National Archives - Complaints
Not set How received When Received Case ref Background Information Action taken and response to complaint
The complainant had concerns regarding the 'permitted items' pilot. Specifically, they were concerned about the number of notepads that were permitted. Your Views 5.5.16 10878 The National Archives is piloting 'permitted items' in to the Reading Rooms We explained the reasons for the change and that we would allow the extra material to be taken in to the reading room. A concession form can be completed in such circumstances. We reassured the complainant that all feedback received would be reviewed at the end of the pilot period.
The complainant was concerned about two readers who had been having a prolonged, general conversation in the first floor open reading room area. The complainant also found the level of noise unacceptable. Your Views 5.5.16 10921 The National Archives offers a range of spaces for readers to work in. There are quiet areas for research and study, as well as more relaxed, group areas. We explained the arrangement of our reading room space and expectations around the use of that space, particularly in light of our future plans. We outlined what we can reasonably do around conversations taking place between readers. The complainant was not satisfied with the response.
The complainant requested a refund for the page check and copy order as the specific information requested was not present in the copied pages delivered Phone 6.5.16 10871 Users can order copies of our records from our Record Copying online service Following investigation, we confirmed that the page check should have identified that the information required was not held within the record. We apologised that this was not the case and refunded the fee.