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National Archives Customer Feedback and ComplaintsCustomer Feedback and Complaints - June 2014

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June 2014 - The National Archives - Customer Feedback and Complaints
Summary of Complaint How received When Received Case ref Background Information Action taken and response to complaint
Staff reported to be using the invigilation room to cut through to the counter area - disturbing users researching in the Document Reading Room Email 3.6.14 5382 Document Services staff can access the invigilation room to access the counter area We explained why staff can use this route and how it helps with invigilating the records accessed in that area.
The complainant requested an estimate of a record that had been opened following a FOI review. This request was abandoned as the record had not yet been released Email 5.6.14 5413 Records that are opened following an FOI review need to be before they are available for copying We explained that the record was not opened until after the first request was received and the request was abandoned. A subsequent request made a few days later was successfully completed.
Request by letter for payment to use National Archives images in a publication was felt to be discourteous by the complainant Email 6.6.14 5415 Finance team use industry standard stock letters to follow up on outstanding payments against invoices We apologised to the complainant for any upset and have reviewed the stock letters to ensure they meet our expected standards for correspondence.