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National Archives Customer Feedback and Complaintsustomer Feedback and Complaints - March 2016

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March 2016 - The National Archives - Complaints
Not set How received When Received Case ref Background Information Action taken and response to complaint
Our self-service camera system was not working correctly due to technical issues. The complainant felt that the standard of service on the day of the visit was not what they had come to expect from The National Archives. Your Views 8.3.16 10495 Users can use The National Archives copying service, self- service machines or their own cameras to make copies We explained why there had been problems and that we have been looking for a cost effective replacement system, as we recognise the equipment requires updating. We acknowledged that there are occasional issues with the current system, but that our staff are available to assist in the event of a problem arising.
The complainant booked to attend a webinar and was able to print out a ticket online. On arrival at The National Archives, they had expected the event to be taking place onsite and not online, and were therefore confused and disappointed. Your Views 11.3.16 10514 The What's On programme of events is booked through an online booking system called Eventbrite. This includes our full range of events such as talks, webinars and workshops We reviewed the terminology that we use to promote our public events, to make clearer what the different types of events are. We also looked at what could be improved to avoid confusion caused by the issuing of tickets for online events when using the Eventbrite booking system.
The complainant was dissatisfied with the service received in relation to an order for a certified copy of a registration of British nationality. He believed he had been given misleading information by our staff that the certified copy would include specific details which it subsequently transpired was not the case. Email 12.3.16 10546 Users can order copies of our records from our Record Copying online service We agreed that the complainant had been inadvertently misinformed about the details they were likely to obtain from a registration certificate of British nationality. We refunded the copying costs and reviewed the current online information to make it clearer that the information on certificates varies, so we cannot guarantee information can be found on a specific certificate.