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National Archives Customer Feedback and ComplaintsCustomer Feedback and Complaints - Jan 2015

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January 2015 - The National Archives - Complaints
Summary of Complaint How received When Received Case ref Background Information Action taken and response to complaint
Customer ordered copies of photographs. Images ordered had faces 'redacted'. Customer was dissatisfied with quality of redaction and requested a refund email 8.1.15 7762 Copies of records can be ordered through our Record Copying Service The photos had been redacted at the time of creation, and there was supporting evidence that demonstrated that this was a prerequisite for access to the subject matter. We explained this to the complainant and had the Discovery descriptions updated to inform users that some records had been redacted.
The complainant received records advice from our Enquiry Service and then visited. The records ordered did not contain the information as suggested, and the customer felt this was a wasted visit email 21.1.15 7845 Users can contact our staff using a number of different contact options to gain advice and guidance on visiting and researching at The National Archives We apologised for any misunderstanding and offered detailed advice on the complainant's specific research subject, so that they could progress their research, elsewhere at institutions.
The complainant downloaded a Royal Navy service record and was not satisfied with the level of detail contained in the record - requested a refund email 24.1.15 7863 Offsite users can search our Digital Downloads Service to locate and download digital copies of our records on payment of fee We offered detailed records advice and supplied links to where further information could be located. No refund was authorised as the record was complete and was of good quality.