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Avian Influenza Testing in Wild Birds - 2013 Quarter 4Resource locator

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Bird ID Status of Bird Lab ID EURING Code Species Name Date Sampled Map Ref (10kmx10km) Area Status
AVA-13-048647 Found Dead AV001604-13 1540 WHOOPER_SWAN 20/12/2013 SD41 NONE
AVA-13-048919 Found Dead AV001611-13 15910 HOUSE_SPARROW 20/12/2013 NS42 NONE
AVA-13-048448 Found Dead AV001594-13 2030 TUFTED_DUCK 18/12/2013 TQ00 NONE
AVA-13-048599 Found Dead AV001603-13 1559 ZZC_SWAN_UNSPECIFIED 18/12/2013 SY58 NONE