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Peterborough Transparency Code - Payments over £500September 2019 - Peterborough Transparency Code - Payments Over £500

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BodyName ServiceAreaCategorisation ServiceDivisionCategorisation ExpensesType Date TransactionNumber Amount CapitalorRevenue SupplierName MerchantCategory
Peterborough City Council Corporate Property Strategic Projects Agency Staff 02/09/2019 8000152200 16787.50 Revenue Radicalba Ltd External Temporary Staff
Peterborough City Council Children's & Safeguarding CSC Quality Assurance Third Party Payments 03/09/2019 30223711 2197.95 Revenue Cambs & P'boro NHS Foundation Trust Contributions
Peterborough City Council Commissioning and Commercial Operations Clare Lodge Agency Staff 03/09/2019 30233545 1264.00 Revenue Wrixon Care Services External Temporary Staff
Peterborough City Council Adults OP/PD/SI Tools, Equipment, Furniture & Materials 03/09/2019 30234057 1084.12 Revenue NRS Healthcare Occupational Therapy Equipment