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Defra response to requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act and the Environmental Information Regulations.2012 Qtr 1

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RFI Identifier Type Subject Summary Outcome Refusal Reason(s)
4752 EIR Water Industry Financial Assistance Bill Assessment of whether the Water Industry Financial Assistance Bill, are compatible with EU competition law and the cost recovery provisions of the EU Water Framework Directive No Information Provided 12 (5)(b) - Course of justice, fair trial, conduct of criminal or disciplinary enquiry
4748 EIR Public consultations Info requested for public/stakeholder consultations undertaken in 1995 after possible special areas of conservation were proposed. No Information Provided 12 (4)(c) - Request is formulated too generally
4747 EIR Bushmeat How many cases of illegal bushmeat investigated over the last two years and how much this would weigh in total. If any of this bushmeat fell under the CITES legilsation and if so what animal it was and which city or area of the UK it was found in. Information Not Held Not set
4744 FOI Food Shortages and Resources Whether the Government knows what is the maximum population level for the UK (and perhaps England and Wales in the light of the current debate about the future independence of Scotland) that can be sustained by domestic food production Information Not Held Not set