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Defra response to requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act and the Environmental Information Regulations.2013 Qtr 1

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RFI Identifier Type Subject Summary Outcome Refusal Reason(s)
5484 FOI FEPA 1985 Part II Information needed on licensing offences under FEPA 1985 and in particular Part II Information Not Held Not set
5455 EIR Syngenta/Bayer and neonicotinoids Dates, attendance lists, minutes and other records of meetings between representatives of the companies Bayer and Syngenta and Defra ministers, special advisers or senior civil servants which included discussion of bees or other pollinators or neonicotinoids. All Information Provided Not set
5454 FOI Meat Hygiene inspections/ abbatoir inspections Advice, emails, correspondence and briefing documents provided to Ministers from the FSA and Defra officials from May 2010 to the present in relation to the drafting and possible implementation of a policy to move to full cost recovery from the meat plants operators No Information Provided S35 - Formulation of Government policy
5437 FOI TSE in horses Paperwork documents autopsy reports and research regarding the UK horses that were suspected of having TSE's the equivalent of equine BSE. All Information Provided Not set