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Summary of Incident Notifications received by the Food Standards AgencyIncident Notifications received April 2019

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UniqueReferenceNumber(URN) IncidentDate IncidentCategory ProductType ProductOriginCountry NotifierType
ICID00034342 2019-04-01 Feed Additives Feed Additives Belgium (BE) Industry
ICID00034343 2019-04-01 Allergens Soups / Broths / Sauces & Condiments United Kingdom (GB) Local Authority
ICID00034344 2019-04-01 Poor or Insufficient Controls Poultry Meat & Poultry Meat Products United Kingdom (GB) National Food Crime Unit (NFCU)
ICID00034345 2019-04-02 Novel Food Fats & Oils Spain (ES) RASFF