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Summary of Incident Notifications received by the Food Standards AgencyIncident Notifications received November 2017

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UniqueReferenceNumber(URN) IncidentDate IncidentCategory ProductType ProductOriginCountry NotifierType
ICID00030962 2017-11-01 Allergens Fruits & Vegetables Lithuania (LT) Local Authority
ICID00030965 2017-11-01 Clandestine Detection Milk & Milk Products France (FR) Home Office / Border Force
ICID00030966 2017-11-01 Heavy Metals Dietetic Foods / Food Supplements / Fortified Foods United Kingdom (GB) Local Authority
ICID00030967 2017-11-01 Residues of Veterinary Medicinal Products Meat & Meat Products (other than poultry) United Kingdom (GB) Public Analyst/ Laboratory