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URI Distributor Title Resource Abstract Resource Locator URL Dataset Status Confidence Rating
100069 Not set International Maritime Organization Routing This dataset has been created to support the development of ports and shipping policy for the South Marine Plans. The dataset shows the area between IMO routing areas. Not set New High Not set Not set Not set
1500058 Not set Devon and Severn Inshore Fisheries Conservation Authority - Inshore Potting Agreements The data represents a long standing agreement between fishermen using pots and creels and those who fish with trawls and scallop dredges.Trawling and dredging is prohibited in the areas marked on the chart, either all year or during certain periods, so that crab pots can be set without the risk of being towed away and lost.The MMO enforces these restrictions, which now form a condition for all UK fishing licences, through the Sea Fish Conservation Act 1967.The chart is reviewed at the end of each calendar year by a local fishing industry committee and any changes to the chart are published accordingly. Not set New Low or unable to assess Not set Not set Not set
1600001 Anatec ANATEC - Shipping intensity The dataset shows average annual shipping densities from Anatec. The data is a mixture of AIS (within 30 miles of the coast and for areas of heavy oil and gas interests) and modelled outputs from the Anatec ship routes database. This dataset shows the following shipping density data: 1.) estimated ships per year, ship type distribution, (4 categories); 2.) ship size distribution (5 tonnage categories); and 3.) a rank score (1 lowest & 5 highest) based on total shipping density in UK waters. Not set Low to Moderate Not set Not set Not set
1600015 Anatec Marine Management Organisation - UK Fishing Effort (Number of Days Fished) 2005-2007 This layer shows information on fishing effort based on the number of days fished, derived from logbook data submitted by UK-registered fishing vessels. Spatial resolution: ICES statistical rectangles. Temporal resolution: 3 years, 2005-2007. Not set Moderate High Not set Not set Not set