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This product, High-resolution global topographic index values, has been created with use of data from the HydroSHEDS database which is © World Wildlife Fund, Inc. (2006-2013) and has been used herein under license. WWF has not evaluated the data as altered and incorporated within, High-resolution global topographic index values, and therefore gives no warranty regarding its accuracy, completeness, currency or suitability for any particular purpose. Portions of the HydroSHEDS database incorporate data which are the intellectual property rights of © USGS (2006-2008), NASA (2000-2005), ESRI (1992-1998), CIAT (2004-2006), UNEP-WCMC (1993), WWF (2004), Commonwealth of Australia (2007), and Her Royal Majesty and the British Crown and are used under license. The HydroSHEDS database and more information are available at
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Latitude: 86.1° to -56.35°
Longitude: -180° to 180°
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2015-03-03 (publication)
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University of Oxford (author); McGill University (author); Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research (author); NERC Environmental Information Data Centre (publisher); NERC EDS Environmental Information Data Centre (custodian); UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (pointOfContact)
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