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Exceptions to Cross-Government moratoria on spend in DefraDefra spending moratoria 2013-14 Q3 Ads and Marketing

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Department Organisation Name Project name Basis for expenditure approval Total Value requested Total Value Approved Date of approval Explanatory note Not set
Defra Defra The London Conference on Combatting the Illegal Wildlife Trade An international conference planned for 12-13 February 2014 in London, hosting high level political representatives from 45 countries plus 11 key multilateral organisations, in order to add significant new impetus and the focus needed to tackle the issue. £555,772.00 £555,772.00 02/12/2013 The expenditure is the cost of running the (Prime Minister endorsed) International Conference on the Illegal Wildlife Trade in London on 13th February 2014 which is a high level political representative audience from about 45 countries. Communication spend is for hosting an evening reception for stakeholders, a day long conference for target countries , and Event Management Costs. Costs are shared across Defra, DfID, FCO and Home Office. Final costs (not exceeding the amount approved) however won't be known until after the event (expected late February 2014). Defra's contribution is estimated to be £135,000. Not set
Defra Defra Embedding the impending new statutory electronic movement reporting system for sheep, goats and deer keepers in England Where Government has a legal duty to provide people with information e.g. Changes to legislation or public service, and Providing the information is critical to the effective running of the Government £84,260.00 £84,260.00 Oct-13 Defra has EU legal duty to provide guidance to farmers and all other keepers on compliance with directly applicable to EU law on identification and movement reporting of sheep and goats and to operate effective tracing system. Key activity will include: updating and re-issuing the Defra printed guidance on sheep and goat ID/reporting to 56,000 registered sheep and goat keepers in England who generate c580,000 movement notifications covering 22 million animals each year. Place notification advertisements in the Farmer Guardian, Farmers Weekly and the Sheep Farmer which are read by the targeted audience, flyer inserted into the statutory annual sheep/goat inventory, guidance booklet to all sheep/goat farmers, 3 adverts in selected farming publications and Defra stand at National Sheep Association event which will also reinforce the message that the e-reporting system is here and that keepers should 'do digital' and use it sooner rather than later. Not set
Defra Environment Agency Improving our advice and guidance to business Where Government has a legal duty to provide people with information e.g. change to legislation or public services £49,000.00 £49,000.00 Nov-13 Advice and guidance plays a key role in helping customers understand their legal obligations and the actions they need to take. This spend is for the use of external editors to review, simply and reformat guidance to customers by closing the websites of Departments and Agencies and transfer content to Gov.UK; adopt a 'digital by default' approach to providing information to businesses and citizens; and reducing the quantity of guidance, eliminate duplication and ensure what's provided meets the needs of those who will be using it. Not set