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Exceptions to Cross-Government moratoria on spend in DefraDefra spending moratoria 2014-15 Q1 Ads and Marketing

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Tool Ref Department Organisation Name Project name Basis for expenditure approval Total Value Approved Date of approval
HMG1182 Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) Marketing & Advertising projects for 2014/15 related to areas of market failure within the agriculture & horticulture industries to enable continued domestic and export growth AHDB's activities are distinct and separate from any part of Government and does not form part of the Government delivery network. AHDB ensures that proper account is taken of Government priorities for agriculture and the agri-food industry. AHDB is a levy board funded by farmers, growers and others in the food supply chain and is accountable to Ministers in the Scottish Government, Welsh Government, NI assembly and Defra. This exemption has been approved by Cabinet Office's Efficiency and Reform Group in May 2014. AHDB’s activity is ‘in scope’ of the Spending Controls process as AHDB collect money through statute so are classed as a para-fiscal tax and is consequently included within Defra accounts. £5,072,000 May-14 Not set Not set Not set Not set
HMG1184 Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs Environmental Agency Fisheries Communication Strategy: a) Rod licence marketing, b) Angling participation, c) Compliance and enforcement Income from rod licence sales funds the Environment Agency fisheries service. Environment Agency need to make sure the public understands what they need to do to comply with regulations to protect fishstocks, fisheries and wildlife. Key Communications aims include changes in buying behaviour so that customers renew rather than buy afresh, and online - which will reduce commission costs and bring savings in marketing costs. Activities include extending digital online advertising to Facebook and YouTube (evidence from previous campaign shows that sales have increased by using online channels) and direct mailing (licence holders respond well to direct mailing as previously this has prompted 45% of anglers to renew) and Partnership working with the Post Office and Angling Trust to convey messages around angling participation . £350,000 May-14 Not set Not set Not set Not set
Not set Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs Environment Agency Annual public flood survey Environment Agency is responsible for warning and informing the public about flooding and its role is to mitigate and manage the risks to life and property. The survey is an important part of how they plan their services and communications to warn those at risks of flooding and support them to take action and prepare. The information collected from the survey will help to plan and deliver communications which will support more people being prepared during flood event. The survey of 1,100 interviews will be conducted with 'at risk' population of England and Wales. £65,000 Apr-14 Not set Not set Not set Not set
Not set Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs Waste Resource Action Programme(WRAP) Consumer Food Waste Prevention - media buying and broadcast consumer campaign summer 2014 This spend is for a requirement for media buying and broadcast - digital by default for a summer consumer campaign for 'Love Food Hate Waste'. The objective of the consumer food waste prevention programme is to reduce the environmental impact of food consumption across the UK through changes in attitudes, motivations and behaviours that lead to less consumer food waste in the home. This activity will support the media buying/broadcast/regional element of the campaign and will support the internally delivered cascade training programme to change behaviour. £47,000 Jun-14 Not set Not set Not set Not set