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Exceptions to Cross-Government moratoria on spend in DefraDefra spending moratoria 2014-15 Q2 ICT

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Not set Organisation Name Project name Basis for expenditure approval Date of approval Total Value Approved
Not set Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC) National Biodiversity Network Gateway The NBN Gateway is an online, searchable and geo-referenced database of biodiversity data – information on the identification, location and abundance of wildlife. Almost 90 million individual records are currently available on the Gateway. The development is intended to iterate on the current solid base, and increase functionality including: Hosting for the three physical servers for live environment; Hosting for staging and development environments and tooling; Development of the system in line with the agreed plan; Development of a prototype for recording capture/kill events of Annex IVa species; Development of a prototype for recording habitat observations Submitted under The Government Digital Service (GDS) Proposition process in July 2014; approved in August following GDS / JNCC discussion £95,000
Not set Environment Agency (EA) Replacing 'What’s in Your Backyard?' - Alpha stage of new Mapping Development Based on user needs identified during Discovery, this proposal is to replace the current What's In Your Backyard with a new digital service to; 1. Make all underlying data accessible for sharing via data feeds, downloads and interfaces. 2. Deliver a first class digital services, where there is a clearly defined ‘user journey’, and is one of EA’s core or statutory duties. 3. Enable viewing data through a simple map viewer, where there is a statutory requirement to do so (eg the Floods Directive); 4. Remove redundant topics that have no defined user need 5. Put in place continuous monitoring and the ability to improve services rapidly, in line with changing user needs Submitted to GDS in August 2014; approval given in August £95,000
Not set Environment Agency (EA) Rod Fishing Licence - sales and communications service development The existing rod-licence service contract with the Post Office Ltd expires on 31st March 2016 – with potential options to 2019 – and a system to sell rod licences must be in place on 1st April 2016. We are at the outset of the project and want approval to complete a discovery / feasibility stage in order to define our approach. This is in order to develop and compare agile options with a modification of the current contract in order to select the most cost-effective solution to becoming GDS compliant and increasing the efficiency of the service and recruiting / retaining customers. Currently identified options include: 1. An in-flight renegotiated contract with the Post Office to 2016 or possibly 2019. 2. An in-house GDS facilitated agile development via a GDS framework supplier 3. A wholly in-house delivered agile development 4. A hybrid of 1 and 2 where digital and assisted digital services are provided separately. Submitted under GDS Proposition process in June 2014; approved in July 2014 £50,000 for discovery work only