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Exceptions to Cross-Government moratoria on spend in DefraDefra spending moratoria 2014-15 Q4 ICT

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Not set Tool Ref Department Organisation Name Project name Basis for expenditure approval Total Value requested (£) Total Value Approved (£) Date of approval Not set
Not set HMG966ba DEFRA Natural England Genesis The CAP Finance Release 2 (FR2) introduces a new payment system for all Pillar II schemes. A new interface from Genesis to the CAP Delivery solution is required. In addition a small amount of change to the payment file process within Genesis is required. This funding will also provide support from Atos for the FR2 test strands. The funding for this change will be provided by the CAP Delivery Programme. £37,700,000 £37,700,000 26/01/2015 Not set
Not set HMG1273a DEFRA Not set Environment Agency: Unified Communications Project The Environment Agency (EA) Unified Communications(UC) project implementation must start in April 2015 in order to recognise benefits quickly and deliver the deployment in 12 months (FY2015). In order to do this an amount of setup work is planned in the last quarter of FY2014/15 which requires a contract signing with the supplier. £11,293,135 £9,304,005 02/02/2015 Not set
Not set HMG1170aa DEFRA Environment Agency Producer Responsibility & Shipments Database (PRSD) The PRSD project was suspended on 26/09/14 whilst in Alpha phase, after problems with the re-use of legacy NPWD code. Now seeking to build the new PRSD system using new purpose written code, which will seamlessly integrate with the GDS toolkit and will be designed as GDS compliant from the outset. £3,241,346 £2,611,989 26/03/2015 Not set