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Organogram of Staff Roles & SalariesOrganogram - Senior CSV data

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Post Unique Reference Name Grade (or equivalent) Job Title Job/Team Function Parent Department Organisation Unit Contact Phone Contact E-mail Reports to Senior Post Salary Cost of Reports (£) FTE Actual Pay Floor (£) Actual Pay Ceiling (£) Professional/Occupational Group Notes Valid?
2 Charles Farr SCS4 Permanent Secretary, Chairman of the JIC and Professional Head of Intelligence Analysis To chair the Joint Intelligence Committee and to lead the Joint Intelligence Organisation so as to ensure effective support for the Prime Minister and the National Security Council through the provision of timely, accurate and objective all-source intelligence assessments. To oversee the work of the Professional Head of Intelligence Assessment team ensuring the development of necessary working practices, capabilities and skills for the UK's Assessment Community. Cabinet Office Cabinet Office Joint Intelligence Organisation 020 7276 0333 317 0 1.00 150000 154999 Policy 1
7 Mark Sedwill SCS4 Permanent Secretary, Prime Minister's National Security Adviser Principal adviser to the Prime Minister and the National Security Council across all national security issues. Cabinet Office Cabinet Office National Security Secretariat 020 7276 1234 317 0 1.00 185000 189999 Other 1
10 Shona Dunn SCS3 Director General, Head of Economic and Domestic Affairs Secretariat Lead the Secretariat in supporting effective Cabinet Government and ensuring the Prime Minister, Cabinet Office Ministers and the Cabinet Secretary have access to high quality advice and briefing; support the development, co-ordination and implementation of economic and domestic policy objectives and lead joint secretariat support with DexEU for EU business and EU collective agreement. Provide oversight of the Implementation Group which drives and co-ordinates the implementation of Government business. Cabinet Office Cabinet Office Economic and Domestic Affairs Secretariat 020 7276 0083 317 0 1.00 125000 129999 Policy 1
13 Paddy McGuinness SCS3 Director General, Deputy National Security Adviser, Intelligence, Security and Resilience Responsible for supporting the Prime Minister and National Security Adviser on: counter terrorism; intelligence policy; the governance and resourcing of the secret intelligence agencies; cyber security; and resilience and crisis management. Cabinet Office Cabinet Office National Security Secretariat 020 7276 1234 7 0 1.00 0 0 Policy Non-Payroll 1