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Bedford Borough Council Brownfield Land Register

Bedford Borough Council's Brownfield Land Register.

Village Green

58 registered parcels of land

Development Control Orders

The layer shows whether there are any planning restrictions in place which in turn would notify the user as to whether a planning application is required.

Controlled Parking Zones

Identification of roads within a Controlled Parking Zone.

Air Quality Management Area

Requirement under the Environment Act 1995, Declared in 2009 for nitrogen dioxide, where levels exceed the annual mean objective.

Open Green Spaces

881 records consisting of green spaces by type, site name, council owned or private or other

Contaminated Land

Area covered by sites to be inspected for contamination. Previous and current uses of site.

Council Property Ownership

Property information on land and buildings owned, let or managed by Bedford Borough Council. Including address, Land Registry numbers, area/size, property use etc

Common Land

Ten registered parcels of land.

Payments to suppliers with a value over £1000 from Bedford Borough Council (Unitary)

This page lists reports of individual payments to suppliers with a value over £1000 made within the month. Publication of these lists forms part of the Council's commitment to be open and...