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Schools List

Calderdale schools including status, type, principals / head teachers, address, website, number on roll as at May census, longitude and latitude, and eastings and northings. Routinely updated when...

British Cycling Calderdale Ride Log

Details of group bicycle rides organised by British Cycling and starting in Calderdale for 2015/16. Details include date of ride, no. of participants, distance cycled, and ride location.

Northern Powergrid - Calderdale Investment Data

This data from Northern Powergrid shows investment plans for Calderdale over the next few years.

Library Events and Activities

Details of all of the Children's and Adult's events and activities held by each Calderdale library.

Libraries Fees and Charges

Details of all of the fees and charges collected by Calderdale libraries , broken down into categories.

Trade Unions

Trade union facility time - information includes total numbers and full time equivalents, names of all trade unions represented and estimated spend. From 2018 there is a split by function (central...

Environmental Health Service Requests

Numbers of top level service requests received by the Environmental Health Service . An explanation of each category is also provided.

Play Areas

Location, addresses and type of play areas.

Number of Pupils on Roll by Ward in Secondary Schools

Number of pupils on roll in Calderdale Secondary Schools by Ward (Academies and Local Authority Schools).

Children's Centres Reach Areas

Children's Centres Reach Areas in Calderdale. These files contain the shape, extent and location (eastings and northings) of the Reach Areas. The pdf map shows the defined Reach Areas for...

Pupils with English as an Additional Language (EAL) - Secondary Schools

Number of pupils with English as an Additional Language (EAL) in Calderdale Secondary Schools (Academies and Local Authority Maintained Schools); the data source is the termly school census. The...

Library PC Bookings

This dataset shows the number of PC bookings made in Calderdale libraries since 2013-14.

Environmental Health - Litter Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs)

Litter Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) issued by Calderdale Council by financial year. An explanation of the data is also published.

Public Toilets

A list of public conveniences by location. An example of using open data is shown by the use of this data alongside data from other local authorities to create the [Great British toilet...

Calderdale Data Works XML schema

The XML schema provides an inventory of the datasets published on Calderdale Data Works. The inventory conforms to [Local Government Association (LGA) inventory...

Free School Meals by Ward - Primary Schools

Number of Calderdale Primary School (Academies and Local Authority Schools) Eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) by Ward

Street Lights

Street lights in Calderdale, including coordinates.

Parking Account

Parking Account information from 2008/09 published as part of the [Local Government Transparency Code]( Data...


A list of libraries including contact information, services and opening times.

Fire Stations

Fire stations including names, location in eastings and northings for the postcode and website link for each fire station in Calderdale. Also see [fire stations located in West...