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Contaminated Land

An area may be labelled as contaminated land if it has the potential to cause significant harm due to substances in, on or under the land, or where there is likely to be pollution of controlled...

Payments to suppliers with a value over £500 from Cheltenham Borough Council

The reports list the payments to suppliers where the charge to a specific cost centre is greater than or equal to £500. Publication of these lists forms part of the council’s commitment to be open...

Principal Urban Areas

Layer Illustrating the urban extent of Cheltenham as refererred to in Local Plan 2006


An allotment is an area of land, leased either from a private or local authority landlord, for the use of growing fruit and vegetables. In some cases this land will also be used for the growing of...

Grants to voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations from Cheltenham Borough Council

The datasets contain details of grants to voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations.

Cheltenham brownfield register

Local planning authorities are required by the government to produce a 'Brownfield Land Register' of previously developed land for potential housing use. This page provides the data for Cheltenham...


The Cheltenham Green Belt was first established to preserve the open character of the land between Cheltenham and Gloucester, preventing the separate communities from merging with each other. The...

Local authority land and assets from Cheltenham Borough Council

The local authority land and assets report provides information about the council’s assets in accordance with the mandatory requirements of the Local Government Transparency Code 2014.

Land allocated for housing

Local plan allocation 2006 - Residential allocations The Plan has allocated one site for housing (see policy PR 1), and six sites for mixed use development (see policy PR 2) where an element of...

Development Exclusion Zone

Local plan designation - Area of land development exclusion

Contracts and tenders from Cheltenham Borough Council

The datasets contain details of contracts entered into by Cheltenham Borough Council since 1 October 2010.

Public Green Space

Green space is undeveloped land, not necessarily provided for formal recreation or public amenity, which makes a positive visual and environmental contribution to the town. Green space in the...

Senior officer salaries

Details of the upper and lower limits of senior officers' pay. Pay and benefits for senior officers were agreed by the Staff and Support services committee. Decisions are made by evaluating the...

Taxi and private hire vehicle licences

The reports list all vehicles licensed as a taxis/private hire by Cheltenham Borough Council including registration number, make, model and date licensed from and to. Publication of these lists...

Land allocated for Mixed use development

Mixed use development - Land allocated for mixed use development in Local Plan 2006 In order to improve facilities and employment opportunities in the borough, to make best use of land in...

Central Conservation Area

Boundary of an area defined as of special architectural or historic interest. These areas are usually designated by the local planning authority.

Car parking account from Cheltenham Borough Council

This dataset contains an annual summary of the car parking account from Cheltenham Borough Council. These include a breakdown of the income and expenditure on the parking account and a...

Fraud investigations

Details of Cheltenham Borough Council counter fraud work in accordance with the Local Government Transparency Code.

Air Quality Monitoring

Most recent Monitoring points for Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels in Cheltenham Town centre AQMA (Air Quality Management Area). An air quality management area (AQMA) is effectively an air quality...

Fees and charges from Cheltenham Borough Council

The fees and charges schedule is agreed on an annual basis as part of the budget and contains details about what the council charges for its services.