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Local Listed Building Consent Orders Polygons

This dataset is a spatial depiction of Listed Building Consent Orders agreed in Cheshire East. Listed Building Consent Orders were introduced by section 60 of the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform...

CEC Primary Schools Catchment Areas nonOverlaping

Polygons representing the Catchment Areas for Cheshire Primary Schools.

Ansa Grounds Maintenance Site Boundaries

Simplified form of the Ansa Grounds Maintenance layer, which indicates the boundaries of land that Ansa maintains on behalf of Cheshire East Council

ANSA Grounds Maintenance

This dataset is an indication of the various grounds maintenance areas managed by ANSA on behalf of Cheshire East Council. The dataset is created based on feedback from ground staff and is mapped...

Contaminated Land Determined Sites

Contaminated Land Part 2A Determined Sites

Local Plan Macclesfield Line

Line data to indicate sites within Macclesfield Borough Local Plan

Local Wildlife Sites

Boundaries of Local Wildlife Sites (non-statutory nature conservation sites)

CEC Primary Schools Catchment Areas

Polygons representing the Catchment Areas for Cheshire Primary Schools.

Brownfield Register Sites

Brownfield land registers are locations of previously developed land within Cheshire East that are consider appropriate for residential development.

Locally Listed Buildings (Polygons)

Local Lists of Historic Buildings recognise locally distinctive historic or architecturally significant buildings and structures. Typically these lists identify buildings and structures that are of...

Property Ownership

Cheshire East Property Ownership Available via:- a) ArcGIS Desktop b) Intranet - WebGIS c) Digital Mapping Service d) Data.Gov.UK - filtered The layer shows the extent of Cheshire East Borough...


Green Infrastructure in Cheshire East. The file contains OS MasterMap features catagorised into green infrastructure typologies, and an assessment of the functionality of the feature.

Public Rights of way Footpaths

A working copy of the Definitive Map and Statement, the legal record of Public Rights of Way (PROW).  This dataset should not be used for legal purposes; the Public Right of Way data is essentially...

Tree Preservation Orders (Areas)

tpo poly

Tree Preservation Orders (Points)

tpo point

Bus routes in Cheshire East

Bus Routes - Cheshire East Local Bus Network