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Additional Homes Provided

This shows the number of additional homes (net) provided in Colchester borough These figures are published every 6 months, at the half year and year end

Waste and Recycling Customer Satisfaction

Waste and Recycling Customer Satisfaction survey 2018/19 customer calls conducted quarterly

Customer Satisfaction - Council Tax

Customer satisfaction survey results for the Council Tax call centre. Surveys are conducted every quarter and surveying runs for 1 month

Customer Satisfaction - Colchester Borough Homes

Customer satisfaction survey results for the Colchester Borough Homes call centre

List of Current Byelaws

List of Current Byelaws in the Borough

Customer Satisfaction - All

  Our Contact & Support centre regularly surveys customers to measure satisfaction with the telephone service received. Each survey period runs for 1 month and aims to record the views of as...

Trade Union time - 2017 Act

From 1 April 2017 - period runs from 1 April each year for 12 months. Info must be published by 31 July after end of period - ie 31 July 2018 for year to 31 March 2018. This is different to the...

Customer Contact Centre Performance

  Customer Contact Centre performance is measured on the average wait time for calls to be answered in seconds and the average resolution for calls received as a percentage. The term “Generic”...

Public Spaces Protection Orders: PSPO

Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) try to prevent particular things that are harming the quality of life of people in the local community. Police or accredited Council Officers can issue...

Public Health Funeral details

Assisted Funerals conducted during a rolling year to date.  The information shown is all that the Council can provide with regard to Public Health or Assisted Funerals.   The Treasury Solicitor’s...

New Burdens Grant

The New Burdens Grant is paid by central government to local authorities under section 31 of the Local Government Act 2003.

Annual Reports

The council has to publish various annual reports in line with legislation or best practice. These are published on our website but are brought together here in to 1 place for openness and...

Number of Homes in the Borough

Total number of households using data supplied by the Valuation Office. This is updated as at 31 March of each year

Senior Staff Salaries

Salary details for Colchester's Chief Executive and senior officers. Pay is shown in £5,000 bandings as per the Data Transparency code. The full pay policy can be found at the following...

Trade Union Facility Time - Transparency Code

Information relating to trade unions within the Council Under the Data Transparency Code, we are required to update this information on an annual basis

Staff Sickness

Staff sickness rate, measured in working days This information is published every 6 months, at the half year and year end. From 2017/18 onward sickness absence is reported as a rolling 12 month...


Resource showing Colchester Borough Council's strategic plan, performance & improvement framework, statement of accounts and other relevant information


Details of all Council policies

Number of Staff Employed

The 2016/17 figure includes new areas such as Garden Communities  and Museum Traineeships, and externally funded posts to deliver community initiatives. Under the Data Transparency Code, we are...

Penalty Charge Notices Issued

Higher level penalty charge notices are a result of non payment within the initial payment window when issued. Further details about the North Essex Parking Partnership and its annual report can...