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Soil Series Agronomy

This product contains many properties of soil series, most of which are agronomic in nature. The water available throughout the profile to various crops (which is derived from the texture,...

Soil Series Definition

All rationalised soil series with data on parent material type, lithology, mineralogy and particle size groupings for top, contrasting layers and drift type used in the definition of that series

Soil Pit Hydrological Data

Soil Pits represent the most detailed descriptions made of a soil profile. Samples are taken at various points down the profile and sent to various laboratories for analyses. This product contains...

Climatological Data for Agricultural Land Classification

Climatic data are required for the assessment of Agricultural Land Classification (ALC). The climatic data listed here are provided as a grid dataset with 5km spacings. The datasets are derived...

Classified Soil Pit Profile Information

Soil Pits represent the most detailed descriptions made of a soil profile. They are used for classification of the soil series. For generating standard property information on a series base it was...

Soil Series

Complete list of all Soil Series as defined in the Soil Survey Technical Monograph TM17, including pending series, old series which have been rationalised into modern series and non series classes...

Host Class by Soil Association

Dominant Host class associated with each soil association in the national map plus a break down of the proportion of the soil association within each of the classes

NATMAP - National Soil Map

NATMAP vector is a vector dataset and is the most detailed of four versions of the National Soil Map. is derived from the National Soil Map for England and Wales and is the product of sixty years...