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Low Carbon Building Programme phase 2 data run by Buildings Research Establishment

The LCBP-2 database is the main operating tool for the Low Carbon Buildings Programme Phase-2. Operations are essentially electronic and applications, evaluation, due diligence, issuance of Grant...

Results from the 2010 finance survey of mid-cap businesses

Underlying data from the publication Results from the 2010 finance survey of mid-cap businesses [URN 10/P108]

Small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) business barometer

Data on SME performance and the factors that affect this. Based on a series of surveys among small and medium-sized (SME) employer enterprises across the UK. The survey assesses how well or badly...

Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate enforcement database

Information regarding the enforcement notices.

Resolving workplace disputes: a consultation. Impact assessment

Underlying table and figure data from the Resolving workplace disputes: a consultation. Impact assessment [URN 11/512]

Modern workplaces consultation: government response on flexible working. Impact assessment

Data supporting the impact assessment for proposals to extend the right to request flexible working to all employees. These proposals aim to facilitate the employee-employer information exchange...

Legal Services Group - Criminal Enforcement case management system (Hermes)

Details of cases referred to the criminal enforcement teams, recording of decisions made on those cases and, where applicable, court results - including sentencing

Green Deal Plan data (England and Wales) & (Scotland)

To monitor measures installed and financial packages taken out using the Green Deal.

Annual Central Feed-in Tariff register statistics

National Statistics which show the number of installations and capacity installed by technology type and tariff band that are confirmed on the Central Feed-in tariff Register (CFR) and eligible for...

Sub-regional public and private sector employee job estimates

The preferred souce of public sector employment data is the ONS National Statistics of Public Sector Employment. This provides employment estimates at national and regional level based on public...

Real Asset Management

Asset costs and values

Qualification attainment of economically active adults

Qualification attainment of economically active adults Source: Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), Annual Population Survey (APS) Publisher: Department for Business, Innovation...

Survey of Employment Tribunal Applications

2008 is the latest in a series dating back to 1987

RIMNET Basic Data

Radiological Monitoring For information sharing & emergency response

Global energy and emissions by country and sector for a current policies scenario 1990 - 2050

The data consists of Business as Usual emissions projections. The data is used as an input for the DECC GLOCAF model, which estimates future global Green House Gas emissions abatement. The data...

Interdepartmental Business Register

Extract of IDBR held by DECC under contract with the ONS for statistical purposes

EDU Energy Portal and associated systems on DECC-owned EDU system

E-commerce portal to support oil and gas licencing in the north sea

Fair Treatment at Work

Part of series

RHPP1 admin data

Administrative dataset for RHPP1 applicants

Supplementary variables - editable version

Annual provision of detailed income variables for EHS respondents