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Interactive maps

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy have published a series of interactive maps. The maps bring together BEIS's Local Authority datasets into one place allowing users to...

VAT registered businesses

Number of VAT-registered businesses recorded. "Enterprise Directorate: Business Start-ups and Closures: VAT Registrations and De-registrations" Please note that there will be no further releases...

Allocation of science and research funding 2011/12 to 2014/15

Underlying data from the publication The Allocation of Science and Research Funding 2011/12 to 2014/15 [URN 10/1356]

Building Price and Cost Indices

NB Responsibility for the production of PCIs transferred to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) on 1 April 2015. See:...

Global energy and emissions by country and sector for a current policies scenario 1990 - 2050

The data consists of Business as Usual emissions projections. The data is used as an input for the DECC GLOCAF model, which estimates future global Green House Gas emissions abatement. The data...

Nuclear Emergency Planning Zones

Detailed Emergency Planning Zones for licensed sites in the UK

Nuclear Accident Model - RIMNET

Plume prediction modelling for radiological emergencies

EMR bulletin contacts list

Contains names and contact information of key EMR stakeholders who have asked to receive regulat updates through the EMR bulletin

Email service

Email service

Energy Follow Up Survey (EFUS) Interview data - 18 datasets

One-off detailed energy use survey - reporting on type and patterns of main and secondary heating systems, water heating system and usage and dwelling insulation information

Energy Follow Up Survey (EFUS) Temperature data - 1650 datasets

Detailed temperature monitoring data for each respondent household to EFUS, including 4 aggregated datasets

World Explorer Premium

More detailed (than standard ESRI GIS) mapping data for the world

Wells and Consent register (WONS)

Database of well consents and notifications

Warm Front data

For the last decade, the Warm Front Scheme was Government's key scheme to tackle fuel poverty. It closed in 2012/13. It provided grants to vulnerable consumers for heating and insultation...

Trireme vetting database

Database holds vetting information for DECC staff and contractors

Supplementary variables - editable version

Annual provision of detailed income variables for EHS respondents

Smart Metering Demand Estimation Profile

Used to inform bidders  in CSP, DSP and licensing competitions of expected volume of use of DCC system


Ringtail operated by Nabarro: Provides web based document review and management. This includes both personal data and historic archive material relating to British coal operations and procedures.

RIMNET Basic Data

Radiological Monitoring For information sharing & emergency response

RHPP2 admin data

Administrative dataset for RHPP2 applicants