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RHPP1 questionnaire post installation and follow up dataset

Evaluation - Questionnaire responses from RHPP1 recipients

RHPP1 admin data

Administrative dataset for RHPP1 applicants

RHI monthly data

Administrative dataset for RHI applicants

Pioneer Places dataset

To monitor the delivery of GD Assessments through the local authority-funded Pioneer Places programme

P Drive backups

Backup of user persoanl drives stored for disaster recovery

Offshore Environmental Inspectorate Tracking Spreadsheets x5

Various excel tracking spreadsheets to record the progress of applications, non compliances, Inspections undertaken, etc.

Non-domestic Energy Performance Certificate data - historic (England and Wales)

To gain insight into the energy efficiency status of all non-domestic properties with an EPC in England and Wales

Non-domestic energy efficieny pilot dataset (food retail)

Survey data of energy use in food retail


Departmental Records Management System

Lighthouse Locations - RIMNET

Lighhouse locations hosting RIMNET monitoring equipment

Licence Waivers & Obligations list

Monitoring of work licence programs

Licence Payment Schedules

List of licence payments for the year


Intranet content

Interdepartmental Business Register

Extract of IDBR held by DECC under contract with the ONS for statistical purposes

Information Management Physical Records System (IMPReS)

Hosted by Iron Mountain: ICMS manages the physical records (circa 3.7 million) held by Iron Mountain on behalf of DECC. Purpose: Utilised to locate, retrieve and track all DECC's physical assets,...

HSL Map Layers

National Population Dataset including national infrastructure

HR Master Records Spreadsheets

Staff Information for Monthly MI Reports

HR Master Records Database

Staff Information for MI Reports

Green Deal subsidy omnibus

Survey of consumers to find out how take up of green Deal is affected by subsigy

Green Deal Plan data (England and Wales) & (Scotland)

To monitor measures installed and financial packages taken out using the Green Deal.