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Science, Engineering and Technology Indicators

The Science, Engineering and Technology Indicators, or SET Statistics, are a summary of key indicators covering government financing of science, engineering and technology, research and development...

EMR bulletin contacts list

Contains names and contact information of key EMR stakeholders who have asked to receive regulat updates through the EMR bulletin

Domestic Energy Performance Certificate data - historic (England and Wales)

To gain insight into the energy efficiency status of all domestic properties with an EPC in England and Wales

UK Postal Boundaries

Mapping data for postal boundaries

P Drive backups

Backup of user persoanl drives stored for disaster recovery

Warm Front Scheme on eBS run by EAGA plc

Personal information of individuals receiving grant payments under the warm front scheme

Building Price and Cost Indices

NB Responsibility for the production of PCIs transferred to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) on 1 April 2015. See:...

Early Learning Project (ELP); meter read data - 8 datasets

One-off download of meter read data for ELP consumption analysis research project

Energy Saving Advice Service

Data collected at call centre on complaints and referals and advice on energy efficiency.

Global companies by R&D investment by sector 2010

Scoreboard ranking the top 1,000 global companies by research and development (R&D) investment within industry.

Energy Follow Up Survey (EFUS) Matching files - 2 datasets

Look up key between various EFUS datasts

Enterprise Performance Management

Financial and management accounting information for BIS and partners. Will be expanded to cover key performance indicators (KPIs) and financial planning information in the next 12 months.

Smart Metering Demand Estimation Profile

Used to inform bidders  in CSP, DSP and licensing competitions of expected volume of use of DCC system

Grant for business investment: offers of £75,000 or more

Underlying data from the publication Grant for Business Investment [in England, table 2]

One-in, one-out: statement of new regulation

Underlying data for the publication of One-in, One-out: Statement of New Regulation [URN 11/P96A + 11/P96B + 12/P96A]

Work-life Balance - Employers and Employees

Data relating to work life balance - these are a series currently at number 4 of each

Environmental Management Team Tracking Spreadsheets x 10

Various excel tracking spreadsheets to record the progress of applications, consultees notified and permits issued

The Concessionary Fuel System (ConFuel 3)

Hosted by the National Concessionary Fuel Office operated by Capita: The Concessionary fuel system (ConFuel3) is used by the National Concessionary Fuel Office staff to provide a means of...

Grant for business investment: number and value of orders

Underlying data from the publication Grant for Business Investment [in England, table 1]

RHPP1 questionnaire post installation and follow up dataset

Evaluation - Questionnaire responses from RHPP1 recipients