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Trade Union Membership statistics

Provides annual estimates of trade union membership from the Labour Force Survey for both employees and all workers. National Statistics

Strategic export controls: reports and statistics

No description provided

Most Favoured Nation (MFN) rates to trade with the UK from 1 January 2021

This dataset has now been archived and will no longer be updated. For an up-to-date list of Most Favoured Nation (MFN) rates, see...

Check for barriers to trading and investing abroad

This is a list of active and resolved trade barriers that UK companies may face when trading or investing abroad. Trade barriers slow down, stop or raise costs of doing business abroad. They...

DIT Spend Control Data 2019/20

DIT Spend Control Data 2019/20

DIT Spend Control Data 2018-19

DIT Spend Control Data 2018-19

Small Business Survey statistics

Findings of the Small Business Survey on the performance of small and medium-sized businesses with employees and with no employees. Official Statistics

Business Population Estimates for the UK and Regions statistics

This publication provides the only official government statistics that attempt to the estimate the total number of UK private sector businesses in the UK and their contribution to employment and...

Organogram of Staff Roles & Salaries

Organogram (organisation chart) showing all staff roles. Names and salaries are also listed for the Senior Civil Servants. Organogram data is released by all central government departments and...

Building Materials and Components statistics

Provides information on selected building materials and contains monthly data on price indices, bricks, cement and concrete blocks; and quarterly data on sand and gravel, slate, concrete roofing...

UK Innovation Survey statistics

The UK Innovation Survey (UKIS) is the main data source for business innovation in the UK. The survey is conducted every 2 years, and is used widely across government to help improve policy, and by...

UK trade quotas

This dataset shows the quotas available in the UK Tariff along with their current or final balances, updated daily. It lists each quota period for each six-digit quota order number with the...

Tariffs to trade with the UK from 1 January 2021

This dataset shows current UK import tariffs and historic versions applied since 1 January 2021. It lists preferential measures where the UK has entered into a new trade agreement or arrangement...