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British Transport Police Crimes Recorded 2012

British Transport Police recorded crime and antisocial behaviour incidents data as used on the British Transport Police crime mapping website. Rail stations that are policed by British...

Freight Insurance and Licensing stakeholder database

Names and business addresses of Freight Insurance and Licensing (FIL) stakeholders. Data collection ceased.

Thameslink Rolling Stock Project Data Site

Web-based. Holds information, in lieu of a physical data room, for accredited bidders.

Information Asset Register

Department for Transport (DfT) Information Asset Register

Transport Connectivity Statistics: England

New experimental statistics presenting travel time data measuring connectivity to key transport destinations (major airports, stations, road junctions and ports) from each area of England, by road...

National Public Transport Access Nodes (NaPTAN)

New NaPTAN is here! NaPTAN is Great Britain's dataset of all public transport access points, ie anywhere you can get on or off public transport (including bus,...

Core Accessibility Indicator: Secondary schools

Proportion of a) pupils of compulsory school age; b) pupils of compulsory school age in receipt of free school meals within 20 and 40 minutes of a secondary school by public transport/walking and...

InterCity West Coast Data Site

Web-based data room providing information to parties prequalified to receive an Invitation to Tender.

National Trip End Model (NTEM)

The [freely available TEMPro software is required to view these datasets]( The National Trip End Model (NTEM) model forecasts the...

NI 178 - Bus services running on time

Proportion running on time and excess waiting times for bus services. Punctuality is generally measured according to the guidance provided by the Department for Transport on the CLIP...

Bikeability Database

Numbers of pupils trained in Bikeability to school level as well as many other attributes including Bikeability scheme registration.

Shared Services E-Mail System

SSC E-Mail System containing contact details of staff.

Canal Network

Canal Network

Department for Transport prompt payment performance

Information on invoice payment performance for the Department for Transport and the transport agencies, including details of invoices paid within 5 working days and invoices paid within 30 working...

Cycling Instructor Database

Details of instructors trained to deliver training to the National Standard for cycle training.

Financial information for Franchise Agreements

Financial information and other supporting information for TOC Franchise Agreements

Human Resource (HR) Personnel

HR info from recruitment, and for staff

Cycling City and Towns (CCT) Evaluation survey data.

Anonymised survey returns including demographic data, data on travel behaviours and data on attitudes. The data will be stored electronically on the Department for Transport system and on the...

Representations on TWA Order applications

Letters and e-mails expressing views on applications for Transport and Works Act (TWA) Orders. These include names and addresses and sometimes phone nos.

Vetting Data on Security Questionnaire Forms

Applicant - name, title, date of birth, place of birth, current and past address, postcode, employer name, nationality, government service history and criminal history. Applicant's partner and...