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Points Of Interest List

This is a list or URL's that open up the mapping information for East Renfrewshire Councils Points Of Interets in XML format.

Food Hygiene Inspection Scheme 2016

This is the Food Hygiene Inspection data 2016 for East Renfrewshire Council eateries.

Bin collection days

This is East Renfrewshire Councils data for bin collection days. It is taken from the address gazetteer and it must be used in conjunction with the Calendar Cycle PDF's attached. Cycle start date...

FOI - Non Domestic Rates - Credit Balances

These are the data sets that show all the None Domestic Rates Credit Balances in East Renfrewshire Council Local Authority Area.

Council Tax Bands 2017 -2018

This data set is populated with East Renfrewshire Council Bands in CSV format.