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Case management system for progressing special education needs and social security and child support appeals. Includes financial information of families and third parties involved in the appeal...


Case management system holding information on employment tribunals

Enforcement Tribunal Fast Track Scheme: High Court Enforcement Officer Activity Returns

Data setting out individual  claims for Employment Tribunal Fast Track Scheme cases for which the High Court has authorised enforcement activity. Data fields include: claim number; enforcement...


Case management system for supporting mental health tribunals. Details include name, sex, date of birth and address of applicant, type of claim, personal details of third parties involved, details...

Time Intervals for Criminal Proceedings in Magistates' Courts

Quarterly survey of magistrates' courts cases

HMCS Court User Survey

Face-to-face interview survey returns

Mortgage and Landlord Possession Statistics

Case management systems for county court cases

Company insolvency and bankruptcy petition statistics

Case management systems for county court cases