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Home Office Annual Report

The annual report sets out the vision and priorities of the department over the past year, including progress against our priorities, and also sets out what the aims of the department are going...

DCLG Data4NR: Burglary in a dwelling, Count

Notifiable offences recorded by the police: Burglary in a dwelling counts. Data4NR reference.

DCLG Data4NR: Harassment including penalty notices for disorder: Recorded offences

Notifiable offences recorded by the police: Harassment including penalty notices for disorder. Data4NR reference

Tackling Knives Action Programme (TKAP) Phase 1

The Tackling Knives Action Programme (TKAP) aimed to reduce the carrying of knives, related homicides and serious stabbings among teenagers (aged 13-19) in ten police force areas.

Home Office Permanent Secretary: meetings with external organisations

Meetings the Home Office permanent secretary held with external organisations

Operation of Police Powers under the Terrorism Act 2000: annual report on arrests, outcomes and stops & searches

This annual report brings together statistical material relating to the Terrorism Act 2000 and subsequent legislation, including arrests and their outcomes, and stops and searches made under the...

Local police recorded crime data

The datasets contain recorded crime figures for police force areas. The data are rolling 12 month totals, with data points shown at the end of each financial year between 2002/03 and 2006/07 and at...

Monthly Asylum Statistics

Monthly statistics relating to people who have applied for asylum. These data are based on provisional management information and are subject to change. Source agency: Home Office Designation:...

Police powers and procedures

Draws together statistics on: arrests for notifiable offences; stops and searches under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE); breath tests and police action in relation to motoring...

Learning from the Neighbourhood Agreements Pathfinder Programme

Underlying data for research paper which sets out several suggestions that will help those interested in developing a Neighbourhood Agreement approach in their local area. In particular it provides...

DCLG DATA4NR: Robbery offences, count

Notifiable offences recorded by the police: Robberies. Data4NR reference.

Home Office Workforce Management Information

This data shows the number of staff employed at different grades in the Home Office, our agencies and executive non-departmental public bodies, broken down by headcount and number of posts...

Recorded crime data at local authority level

The datasets contain recorded crime figures for local authorities. The data are rolling 12 month totals, with data points shown at the end of each financial year between 2002/03 and 2006/07 and at...

Exceptions to Cross-Government moratoria on spend on advertising and marketing in the Home Office: spend control data

Details of exceptions to the government's moratorium on third-party spend at the Home Office on advertising and marketing.

Immigration Statistics: removals and voluntary departures

This release replaces the previous annual and quarterly publications Control of Immigration Statistics and the annual British Citizenship, following a public consultation. Each topic now has its...

Central government police revenue funding 1995-96 to 2009-10

The Home Office is publishing a series of consistent police revenue funding numbers from 1995/96-2009/10. This allows comparison of funding levels over time.

Correspondence Tracking System

System for recording correspondence

Immigration Statistics: historical data asylum

Asylum data for 2001 - 2006.

Scientific Procedures on Living Animals

Annual Statistics collected relating to Scientifiic procedures performed on living animals under the provisions of the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986, from licenses in accordance with...

DCLG Data4NR: Court proceedings and cautions

Persons found guilty of all offences at magistrates' courts by police force area, sex, age and type of offence. Data4NR reference.