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Metal theft England and Wales

This release covers offences involving metal theft recorded by police in England and Wales. Metal theft is not a crime defined by law, but is recorded by police under broader offence...

Control of Immigration: Annual statistics

Annual statistics relating to information on border control and visas, asylum, managed migration, and enforcement and compliance. Source agency: Home Office Designation: National...


Ident1 provides the United Kingdom's central national service for holding, searching and comparing biometric information on those who come into contact with the police as detainees after being...

DCLG DATA4NR: Public confidence in Local Police Force

Public confidence in the local police by police force area and region. Data4NR reference.

Police use of firearms

Statistics on police use of firearms in the 43 Home Office funded police forces in England and Wales. It covers information on the number of police firearms operations, operations involving...

Payroll Database

Payroll reports & financial modelling tools based on the payroll reports. To model annual pay award proposals and other pay related issues. To calculate pay award increases for staff.

Police pension administrator contacts

The responsibility for administering the police pension schemes lies locally in each police force area. This dataset contains relevant contact details.

Police station locations

Location and contact deails for police stations on

Monthly figures on children entering detention

Monthly statistics relating to children entering detention and held solely under Immigration Act powers.  These data are based on provisional management information and are subject to...

Performance-related pay - Home Office

Data on non-consolidated performance-related payments in the Home Office and its agencies..

Acquisitive crime and plastic card fraud: Findings from the 2008/09 British Crime Survey. Supplementary volume 3 to Crime in England and Wales 2008/09

Supplementary volume to Crime in England and Wales 2008/09.

Police service strength, England and Wales

Statistics on police strength for the 43 police forces of England and Wales and for the British Transport Police. From July 2013, 'Police Service Strength, England and Wales' has been re-titled...

Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) seizures and volumes

The number and volume of seizures of animals, plants and derivatives made per quarter under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species. This data set has been consolidated into...

British Crime Survey datasets

These data tables contain estimates from the British Crime Survey (BCS) broken down by a number of demographic characteristics they can be used to calculate the rates and numbers of different crime...

Clearance of passengers at the border within published standards

The total number of passengers sampled and, of those, the number and the percentage cleared within service standards. This data set has been consolidated into that on 'Border Force transparency...

Fixed penalty notices issued for motoring offences, by result and police force area, 2006

Statistics on numbers of fixed penalty notices for motoring offences issued by different police force areas in 2006

Key data on family return process

Information on the family cases that have been put through the new family returns process.

An Overview of Hate Crime in England and Wales

This is an Official Statistics bulletin produced by statisticians in the Home Office, Ministry of Justice and the Office for National Statistics, which brings together, for the first time, a range...

Home Office Board members' hospitality

Hospitality received by members of the Home Office Board.