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Key data on family return process

Information on the family cases that have been put through the new family returns process.

Life in the UK test data

This page contains information on the Life in The UK Test Data and includes the number of tests taken, pass rate, by region, settlement or citizenship.

An overview of hate crime in England and Wales

This report brings together, for the first time, a range of official statistics on hate crime in England and Wales from across the crime and criminal justice system. It is the third in a series...

101 Call Handling

Data includes the number of 101 calls taken by each police force area, plus the response times, abandonment rates and explanation for these.

Asylum performance framework

The data presented in the framework takes into account the speed, quality, productivity, cost and number of cases in progress. These key indicators are also disaggregated by gender.

Monthly Asylum Statistics

Monthly statistics relating to people who have applied for asylum. These data are based on provisional management information and are subject to change. Source agency: Home Office Designation:...

Entry clearance visas by purpose and length of stay

UK entry clearance visas issued overseas, by purpose and length (excluding visitor and transit visas)

Reason for migration and labour market characteristics of UK residents born abroad

Analyses the labour market position of foreign born UK residents by their original purpose for migrating.

Firearm certificates in England and Wales

Data from police forces in England and Wales about firearm and shotgun certificates issued under the Firearms Acts 1968 and 1997, and registered firearm dealers

Firearm Certificates England and Wales

The number of firearm and shotgun certificates on issue on 31 March, new applications and renewals, numbers of registered firearms dealers, and numbers of permits issued. Source agency: Home...

Crimes detected in England and Wales

Police recorded crime statistics on the levels and trends in detections and detection rates in England & Wales.

The heroin epidemic of the 1980s and 1990s and its effect on crime trends

A historical account of the heroin epidemic in England and Wales, assessing its impact on crime both then and now

Drug misuse declared, England and Wales

Drug use statistics for adults and young people from the Crime Survey for England and Wales. Source agency: Home Office Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative title:...

Scientific Procedures on Living Animals, Great Britain

Annual statistics relating to scientific procedures performed on living animals in accordance with the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986. Source agency: Home Office Designation: National...

UK entry clearance visas issued overseas

UK entry clearance visas issued overseas, by purpose and length. Excludes visitor and transit visas.

Police service strength, England and Wales

Statistics on police strength for the 43 police forces of England and Wales and for the British Transport Police. From July 2013, 'Police Service Strength, England and Wales' has been re-titled...

Crime against business premises

Statistics on extent of crime against businesses in the wholesale & retail, accommodation & food, arts, entertainment & recreation, and agriculture, forestry & fishing sectors taken...

Scientific Procedures on Living Animals Great Britain

Annual statistics collected relating to scientific procedures performed on living animals under the provisions of the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986, from licensees in accordance with...

Terrorism arrests - analysis of charging and sentencing outcomes by religion

This briefing has been published alongside the 2012/2013 statistics on Operation of Police Powers under the Terrorism Act 2000 and subsequent legislation, to provide more detailed information.

An overview of sexual offending in England and Wales

This is an Official Statistics bulletin produced by statisticians in the Ministry of Justice, Home Office and the Office for National Statistics. It brings together, for the first time, a range of...